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It is time to get the dignity and respect you deserve. Vote for CCSD Teamsters: Real Power, Real Union.

After years of Teamsters Local 14 trying to get a respectful contract for the School District people, the Supreme Courts have finally allowed us to have an election against the E.S.E.A..

If you want a positive change, you must vote for Teamsters when the ballots come out in January, 2015. If you do not vote, it is a vote for the E.S.E.A  to do what they have always been doing. Nothing.......except take your dues money and have your health insurance belly up for a thrid time.

Lastest updates for our CCSD Teamsters

To: Larry Griffith

From: Kristin L. Martin~Attorney at Law

Re: Mailboxes

Date: November 26, 2014

You asked whether Clark County School District employees can put

campaign materials in employee mailboxes at work. A general rule of labor law

is that employers cannot treat employees differently because they support a union.

This means that if the School District allows employees to put personal materials

(such as holiday cards or invitations) in employee mailboxes, then the School

District cannot prohibit employees from putting campaign materials in mailboxes.

However, employees cannot use work time do this. It must be done on personal


The time to make a positive change is now.....Vote Teamsters Local 14.


  • 11/24/2014

    All Members:

    Due to the busy Holiday Schedule, the General Memebrship meeting has been changed to

    Tuesday 12/9 th at 7:00 pm.

    Come see what your union is doing for you.

  • 10/16/2014


    Teamsters Local Union 14 would like to extend our endorsement in your upcoming re-election for the Governor for the State of Nevada.

    Teamsters’ Local Union 14 has faced many challenges and you have always been fair to our Teamster families and our community.

    Your strong leadership has been demonstrated in the livelihood of our Teamster members.





  • 07/16/2014

    The Teamsters Union today called for a renewed commitment by Congress to protect the driving public by keeping current hours of service rules in place to help prevent tragedies that are the result of driver fatigue.

    More than 600,000 of our 1.4 million Teamsters members turn a key to a truck for a living. A tired driver is a dangerous driver.

    More than 4,000 lives are claimed each year on our highways in accidents involving trailer trucks. It is not uncommon for drivers to feel pressured by their employers to drive well beyond 60-70 hours a week. When drivers ignore the 34 hour restart provision in the current hours of service regulations-either by choice or design, accidents occur.

    Congress must protect the peoples it serves by mandating and keeping the current hours of service rules and ensuring companies don’t force drivers to break the law.